We are healthcare game changers

We have developed our first healthcare product to change the way people receive medical services and manage their vision and cognitive functioning.

Meet bloo vision, A Binocular Vision Training System

Our first startup product, “bloo vision”, is an interactive solution for people suffering from sensory processing disorders and visual impairments such as Amblyopia (commonly known as lazy eye) and it is globally endorsed. Bloo comes with a tablet that has a specially developed coating on the screen, glasses and multiple games for children to train their eyesight while playing.

The importance of eyesight

Our eyes are a vital part of our health, defining how we live and work. Much of our nonverbal communication comes from the way we express ourselves through our eyes, making eyesight essential for all our day to day interactions.

Why focus on eyesight solutions?

Amblyopia affects around 3% of all newborns globally and is the most common cause of visual impairment in children. With the right intervention and at the right time, 80% of the visual impairment can be avoided or cured.

Through working together with patients and prototyping together, we found out that design can help visually impaired people to improve their quality of life by improving their visual acuity.